1 Coffee beans are not brown. They grow on trees and the coffee bean is protected by a red skin and is called the coffee cherry.

The raw green coffee bean is removed from the red berry. This is what a raw coffee bean looks like before it is roasted.

The raw green coffee bean is sun dried NOT roasted and remains green in color.

The unroasted bean undergoes a patented process that turns raw coffee beans into powder. The process makes sure that all the healthy fiber, nutrients and natural acids remain in the finished product.

WGCP - whole green coffee powder is the final product.
Why WGCP, Unroasted
coffee beans are better for you then roasted?
Raw beans are ALIVE!

Raw unroasted coffee beans are rich in antioxidants, fiber and nutrients.

The fiber in WGCP whole green coffee powder delivers caffeine slow and smooth so you never feel jittery or crash.

Dr. Amen says FOCUS is like a spirtual awakening for the brain.
Roasted beans are DEAD!

Roasting the coffee bean kills most of the nutrients, fiber and antioxidants .

Drinking regular coffee or traditional caffeinated drinks can make you jittery.
Green coffee extracts are inferior because it is only one isolated part of the bean
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